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Four partners of diverse skin colors, body sizes, and gender expressions stand against a white wall, smiling and laughing together

No two people or relationships are the same…

...Your therapy should reflect that uniqueness!

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A person of color with short, curly hair, wearing a beige jumpsuit, sits in the grass in a cross-legged, meditative pose

I specialize in online therapy for adult individuals, utilizing a holistic wellness umbrella over my eclectic therapeutic approach to help clients heal in all aspects of living - emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, and physical.

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Areas I Can Offer Help With:



Attachment Issues

C-PTSD & Trauma

Career Counseling


Communication Issues

Coping Skills

Gender Identity


LGBTQIA+ Identity

Life Transitions


Peer Relationships


Polyamory & Ethical Non-Monogamy

Relationship Issues


Spirituality & Religion


Kink & Diverse Sexualities

Transgender Issues

Women’s Issues

Areas I Can Offer Help With

Are We a Good Fit?

I believe that one of the goals of therapy is to un-therapy, meaning the approaches I use are most effective with clients who are growth-oriented, motivated, open-minded, and willing to do the work in between sessions to integrate the skills and insights gained during our sessions. The therapeutic relationship is an integral piece of the counseling process, and it is important that you feel your therapist is a good fit for you. This relationship is built upon trust, compassion, respect, and understanding, which facilitates the ability for change to occur.

We'll be a good fit if one or more of these things is true:

  • You are a member of a marginalized group(s) and have intersectional identities

  • You are motivated to begin your healing journey

  • You have suffered from cultural, societal, and/or faith-based trauma(s)

  • You are a survivor of trauma and are seeking well-being

  • You are open-minded and seeking growth & change in your life

My hope is that, through our therapeutic relationship, you will develop courage and skills that allow you to embody clarity and compassion, as well as empower you with the knowledge to heal and navigate life's challenges. My approach is grounded in holistic and integrative evidence-based treatments to help you along this journey. Explore the links below to learn more:

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Appointment Types & Pricing:

At this time, all appointments are telehealth, held securely by video chat.

A masculine presenting person of color sits on a park bench, hands in their lap, staring past the camera into the distance

Intake Appointment -
1 Hour


Several hands with a diverse range of skin colors rest on a tree branch, side-by-side, with a green forest in the background

Sliding Fee Scale

Negotiated based on need

A feminine presenting Asian person with long, gray hair, wearing hiking gear looks past the camera into the distance. A desert mountain landscape is visible in the background.

Individual Counseling -
30 Minutes OR 1 Hour

$75.00 for a 30-min session

$150.00 for a 1-hour session

A person wearing a hijab and layered necklaces talks on the phone, with a wall of ivy visible behind them

15-Minute Phone Consultation 


Let's Work Together!

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Email me today to get started with a free phone consultation.

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